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Deer Management Tips

How to Grow Bigger Bucks: Selective Deer Hunting for Improvement

Question: “I have land for deer hunting in Eastern Kansas. I want to grow bigger bucks, but I know that I have several full-rack whitetail bucks that I have seen this hunting season with missing brow tines. Should I remove these deer from my herd? In addition, I am also seeing quite a few spikes, most of them with spikes that are more than 10 inches in length, with decent mass too. Should these bucks be taken or will they grow to be larger bucks in the future? Any deer management info for this situation would be appreciated.”

Response: If you want to produce and grow bigger bucks, then I suggest learning as much as you can about deer management techniques. Manipulation of habitat and selective deer harvest can help by improving age and modifying genetics. Of course, property size is important in how much you can do for the deer in your area. The more property you have, the more you can do to help the animals in your area. Continue reading →

Protein Feeders for Deer Hunting, Management

Hunters across the white-tailed deer’s range know that one of the best deer management practices out there is providing free-choice supplemental feed. In Texas, many hunters use food plots in the fall for deer hunting purposes, but more ranches use protein feeders for deer hunting than other other method of supplemental feeding. Protein pellets were […] Continue reading →