Deer Management Techniques: Provide Good Habitat

There are many theories when it comes to producing good white-tailed deer year after year, but the common theme among all deer management techniques is to provide good habitat. Habitat plays a critical role in a deer’s life because this is where they find their food. Good nutrition is required for individual deer to be […] Continue reading →

Protein Pellets for Deer: Feeding Whitetail

Interest in white-tailed deer management decades ago spurred all sorts of research on improving deer herds. Since that time, many habitat management practices have been implemented on properties across the whitetail’s range, but none are more popular than providing supplemental foods. Supplemental forages are often presented as food plots or as protein pellets for deer. […] Continue reading →

Tips for Prescribed Burning for Deer, Wildlife Management

Hunters and landowners alike often look for quick-fixes when it comes to white-tailed deer management. However, nothing is better than good old fashioned habitat management for maintaining and enhancing vegetation that is favorable for deer. Of all the possible management activities, one of the most beneficial and most overlooked management practice is prescribed burning. Often […] Continue reading →

Feeding Whole Cottonseed to Whitetail Deer

Landowners and hunters wanting to produce bigger and better white-tailed deer through deer management practices are often looking for an economical way to provide supplemental foods. Food plots are a common way to provide additional forage, but often times the most cost is associated with high protein foods. Protein pellets are the most common supplement […] Continue reading →

Deer Management for Growing Quality Bucks

It goes without saying that white-tailed deer hunters love to see deer when they head out into the woods. But when it comes to deer management and the ability to grow bigger bucks, numbers can work against you and the habitat that your property provides. Deer foods, after all, are in limited supply. There may […] Continue reading →

Developing a Deer Management Plan

The most wide-scale deer management problem facing whitetail herds in the many parts of the country is competition for available forage by white-tailed deer, other wildlife species, and livestock. Excessive numbers of any of these animals will have detrimental effects upon the others, and the resulting deer habitat. The first step in developing a deer […] Continue reading →

Deer Management, Herd Size and Sex Ratio

There are a lot of factors that come into play when one starts talking about whitetail deer management. Though many things can be done to manage a deer herd, there are 3 things that you should know before you start. Every landowner or hunter owner needs to determine the carrying capacity of the property, how […] Continue reading →

Deer Management: Improving White-tailed Deer

Deer management can be exciting and rewarding, but sometimes confusing. As a result, this site is dedicated to helping you understand how to manage a white-tailed deer herd by giving research-oriented facts and techniques that will improve deer and their habitat. As deer hunting has become more popular across the U.S., both landowners and hunters […] Continue reading →

White-tailed Deer Protein Needs

Deer Management – Deer Protein Requirements A deer manager should consider deer nutrition on a seasonal basis. Energy and protein needs change based on the season, physical activity, and the age of individual animals. Changes in the nutritional requirements of deer that occur with gestation, lactation, breeding, and antler growth should be coordinated with seasonal […] Continue reading →