Blue Tongue and EHD Disease in White-tailed Deer

Blue Tongue and Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease (EHD) are viral diseases that impacts farmed and free-ranging white-tailed deer. Though Blue Tongue and EHD are distinctly different, these diseased are sometimes impossible to tell apart. In fact, blood tests results are very similar. For the sake of this article, Blue Tongue and EHD will be used interchangeably. […] Continue reading →

Deer Habitat Improvement for Whitetail and Other Wildlife

From coast to coast across the United States, wildlife game species get the most interest of any wildlife. This interest stems from income and recreation to private landowners through hunting, and state and federal agencies are available to help landowners interested in wildlife and habitat management. One of the best-known game species around is white-tailed […] Continue reading →

More Bucks on Camera than Does

Question: We have about 800 acres in Llano County where we have been practicing deer management over the past two years. We just started putting out protein pellets this past winter. I have been checking the game cameras recently and bucks are hammering the protein pellets. In fact, there is a bachelor group of five […] Continue reading →

Protein Feeders for Deer Hunting, Management

Hunters across the white-tailed deer’s range know that one of the best deer management practices out there is providing free-choice supplemental feed. In Texas, many hunters use food plots in the fall for deer hunting purposes, but more ranches use protein feeders for deer hunting than other other method of supplemental feeding. Protein pellets were […] Continue reading →