Supplemental Feeding of Deer – Protein Pellets for Whitetail Deer

Question: “My wife and I enjoy whitetail deer hunting and are wanting to start the supplemental feeding of deer to improve body condition. We are thinking about using protein pellets for deer. What is the best way to put protein out? I’m surrounded my soybeans fields. Blocks or pellets? Something else? Any info on improving the deer hunting in our area is appreciated.”

Supplemental Feeding of Whitetail Deer

Deer Management: The answer to your question would be protein pellets, although I’m not sure you need to provide protein if there are soybean fields all around you. It takes more energy/protein for a deer to eat a protein block than they actually receive from it. They just can’t get much bang for the buck when they have to gnaw on it to give a little protein. The supplemental feeding of deer for herd management and improvement means true supplementation. Protein blocks are more bait than a true supplemental forage.

Mineral blocks are another story since whitetail deer only require minerals in trace amounts; they are effective at getting additional minerals to deer. This may be all you need if soybeans are all around. Macro- and micro-nutrients are important. If you think you need to provide some additional protein, then go with protein pellets that are at least 16 percent protein. Many will use 20 percent protein, which costs more, but it’s not necessary. I also don’t think the extra 4 percent will make a noticeable different.

Best of luck!

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