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Deer management and hunting is constantly evolving and changing. In addition, news on white-tailed deer will continue to flow as the ever growing wealth of information continues to spread and increase. Keep and eye out in this section for the latest topics in white-tailed deer management and hunting. It may be the latest news on white-tailed deer hunting, management techniques, food plot or protein formulations, or local news from your neck of the woods.

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Something to Think About

White-tailed deer really are amazing animals. Deer can survive in a variety of habitats and thrive in remote wilderness or right along the growing human population in urban areas. Their diet can consists of native foods or they can thrive on whatever is growing in someone’s flower bed in order to get proper nutrition. As outdoor enthusiast, we love to see wild animals, but we also understand the need for population control and harvest. This site is dedicated to deer managment. Management, regardless of what is being manipulated, involves using what is availalbe to achieve a desirable outcome. Whitetail populations–like all wildlife populations–can be managed so that they improve in quality, allow sustainable hunter harvest, and thrive into eternity! But we all have to do our part.

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